Our Host - Tim Shoop

I’m Tim Shoop, the founder and host of Nerds on Tap, a podcast that brings together beer-loving tech industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts to explore the exciting world of technology, business, and the impact technology can have to transform diverse ways of how we run our businesses. 

Nerds on Tap is not your typical podcast. It’s a unique blend of candid conversations, valuable insights, and of course, our shared love for great beer. Our goal is to inspire and empower entrepreneurs and business leaders, through story-telling and exchanging ideas in a relaxed atmosphere. 

As a beer lover myself, many of my new startups or ideas were born over a pint; and I believe that great conversations and connections happen over a pint. That is why Nerds on Tap is not just about business and technology—it’s about fostering a community of like-minded individuals who appreciate the finer things in life, including a well-crafted brew. 

In addition to hosting Nerds on Tap, I am the CEO and co-founder of Digital Boardwalk, a leading managed IT services provider based out of Pensacola, FL. I understand the challenges and opportunities that entrepreneurs and tech industry leaders face, and through our podcast, we aim to deliver the inspiration, strategies, and shared experiences you need to rev up your entrepreneurial journey and create the life you have always dreamed of, all while raising a glass. 

But before Nerds on Tap came to be, my own journey was filled with twists and turns. After serving in the Navy for five years as an Electronics technician, I took an unconventional path, exploring a career in acting. During that time, I found myself living out of a tent on the beaches of California, savoring the freedom and inspiration that came with each new wave. It was during this period that I sketched out my dream of building my first business, an IT Company, that I launched in 1999 and sold ten years later. I’ve also started many other companies since then, which I will talk about on the show. 

So, join us on Nerds on Tap as we blend the worlds of technology, business, and beer. Let’s raise our glasses, share our stories, and unlock the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. Together, we’ll navigate the entrepreneurial landscape, connect with fellow beer enthusiasts, and cheers to a future filled with success and satisfaction. 

Cheers, and let’s tap into the world of technology, business, and the joy of a perfectly poured brew.